Independent Choreographer, Teacher, Performer, Performance Company


“Lucy is an amazing dance teacher! Her skilled teaching, kindness, warmth and witty British humour make my Ballet classes very enjoyable. Lucy has mastered both the art of dance and the art of teaching and this is demonstrated through the enthusiasm and growth of her students in this challenging art form. Everyone should get to take dance from Lucy!” Amy Elizabeth Fulton, Adult Ballet Student.

“As an adult student it is wonderful to have a teacher as lighthearted and fun as Lucy. She challenges her students and pushes them to learn new and exciting choreography. Lucy is always excited to share her knowledge of technique and does so with a positive attitude and high energy. Throughout my time as her student I have learned a lot about dance but have also gained the confidence to really enjoy it.” Carrie White, Adult Ballet & Tap Student.

“Lucy was an amazing Dance / entertainment Coordinator for Okanagan Bridal Expo. So much so we have contracted her for our next show in a higher position!
I also asked Lucy who brought a team of volunteers to a charity event. The group was amazing and when the reviews came in I for one was not surprised! “Those dancers put this party over the top! Best event in Kelowna in years!”  Thanks Lucy!” Winona Phillips, ‘The Wedding Planner’ / Okanagan Bridal Expo Event Coordinator.

“My husband and I were in need of a couple of dance lessons before our wedding. I warned Lucy about our lack of skill but she said it would be no problem. She customized a package and a style of dance to fit our needs. She was incredibly energetic, patient and encouraging. It was so convenient to have her come to our house too. Thanks to her, our first dance is definitely memorable and seemed to impress our guests too!” Ashley Holomis, Bride & Groom 1st Dance Lesson.

“It’s always hard to figure out what to do at a birthday party with adults and kids of all ages… Lucy was the PERFECT solution. She taught the adults some sexy salsa moves and then transitioned into fun games and dancing with the kids. EVERYONE loved it… from non-dancers to dancers, from 0-99!” Katie Neumann, ‘Rio’ themed Children’s Birthday Party.

“When we first got engaged my husband asked me if I wanted to take dance lessons, I got excited about learning something new but I was worried the steps might be difficult and having our families watching my feet stumble might be embarrassing. When we met Lucy we found our confidence and she taught us a routine that repeated a few unique steps that made our dance amazing and it showcased what we could do, even though we weren’t seasoned dancers everybody was amazed! I told myself that I didn’t want to be that couple that danced like we used to in high school – ’round and round’ – Lucy definitely impressed us with her choreography, encouraged us with her positive attitude and was a very important part of our day! I can look back at the video of our first dance and say wow look at us we are so graceful; the dance was fun and full of lovely moments!” Amanda Winters, Bride & Groom Choreographed 1st Dance.

“To dance is to be yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power on earth and it is yours for the taking.”  Agnes DeMille

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